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Great for your next company party, club launch, prom, theme wedding & downtown event.

Manhattan Theme Decor - Skyscrappers and Lady of Liberty
Your event's dance-floor and stage will become the focal point of the night. Our Midnight Manhattan theme decor will bring the fun and romance of New York City with the fabulous Empire State Building (14' tall x 3' 7") surrounded by various skyscraper buildings (9 ½' x 2 ½'). The freestanding buildings come with tons of lights to give it that picturesque glow. The stage will be grounded by a star-filled backdrop in your choice of colour fabrics where buildings stand against, simulating a starry night New York cityscape.
"STATUE OF LIBERTY" - once your guests enter the venue, and approach the 'island of Manhattan', they will be delighted to stop by and pose with the New York icon, the Statue of Liberty. The giant Lady of Liberty with torch in hand (9' 3" high x 14' wide printed standees) will stand tall against a 24' lack sheer and lit backdrop will make a dramatic and great iconic picture that your students will forever remember.

Chair covers – silver or black chair covers will add your venue a gothic and formal look that will compliment your event theme.

"VIP MANHATTAN ENTRANCE DECOR - Wow your guests with a VIP touch as they enter your up-scale venue through a red carpet, stanchions and red velvet ropes leading towards the hall doorway.
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