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Your Wedding Consultation

Mapleleaf Decorations consultations run for about an hour and are charged a refundable consultation fee of $25. 

We do offer additional consultation time for those brides who have already booked their wedding with us and need more customized floral and décor design.

Onsite consultation are available and charged according to distance and estimated travel time. 

The consultation is an important step in your wedding plans.  Be prepared to make the most out of your time.  Mapleleaf Decorations focus on the overall look and assist in creating the event you desire.

How to Prepare & What to Bring

  • We ask that you bring no children and limit yourself to only one additional guest.  This person should be someone you trust will be true to YOU.  Too many opinions will only cloud your own view.  I always say, "it is your wedding not theirs"!

  • Measurements - To make sure the site size is adequate for the décor you select, accurate measurements are extremely important.  Aisle length, pew count, altar width and depth, are just a few of what you will need for your consultation. 

  • Please check with the site to make sure the décor will be permitted.  Some churches have restrictions on what can be placed at the altar.  Show a photo of the décor you are considering to ensure there are no "day of" surprises. 

  • Photos of décor, flowers or designs that inspire you. It can be from the internet, books, magazines, or personal photos to help build the wedding theme.

    Photos of gowns or fabric swatches will be extremely helpful.

  • Please consider all of your floral needs before your consultation. This includes all flowers required for the wedding party, ceremony, and reception site. 

  • Having a budget in mind is extremely important, although we realize that most people haven't a clear idea what it can cost it will be important to discuss what you want to spend BEFORE your consultation.

  • At the conclusion of our meeting we will provide you with an estimate to review with your groom and family members.

    Please be aware that we are consistently over-whelmed with inquiries and reservations. 

    Reserve early to insure that your wedding date is secure.  We don't overbook weddings so our calendar fills quickly.  For this reason we ask that you make your decision in a timely manner.



In order to ensure product and date availability, call well in advance.

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