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Ceiling Canopy

Our ceiling treatments vary in style depending on the venue needs & regulations. Some venues; banquet halls, hotels, restaurants, might have restrictions in regards to installation techniques, such as; drilling, hanging, etc. Therefore, make sure you are well aware of such concerns when planning the look of your reception.

When booking your venue, don't be afraid to ask what can & can't be done in terms of decor. Also, ask for hall's time availabily for installation prior to your event, or if there are any events taking place prior to yours.

Ceiling canopies are projects that may require five to eight hours, and at least two designers per site, depending on dimensions and complexity of installation. Therefore, provide as much information as possible when requesting a quote. Consider these as guidelines:

    • length & width of area to be covered (dancefloor, entire hall, etc)
    • ceiling heights
    • type of ceiling finish (stucco/plaster, drywall, architectural mouldings, etc)


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